Oh, Lucky Man!

Welcome to my website!

That’s me, a few days after my 70th birthday.

Some have asked why I have not written a book about my life. Indeed, I’ve been fortunate to experience more than a lifetime of adventures, hence my title: “Oh, Lucky Man!”

Instead, this site is, and probably forever will be, a work in progress. In addition to expanding the Airline Career and Photography pages, I am adding other topics.



I’ve just posted my latest page, Around the World I, covering the TWA 707 charter flight that I worked in 1980. I hope you enjoy it.


My story on TWA’s 707 operations was recently published, on sale at Barnes & Noble or on-line at: https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/ALCLASS6

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Lucky Man Origin


My cousin, Dennis Brent, came up with this clever vanity plate down in California. To the casual observer, it may not register, but look closer. It’s yet another example of ingenuity by squeezing a longer thought into the maximum number of letters/numerals. I freely admit to stealing the idea and restoring the spelling.

Cousin Dennis acknowledges he’s a lucky man too.

As you can see by this picture, Dennis does, indeed, consider himself a lucky man. So do I. Lucky to have been born in America. Lucky to have grown up in a loving and caring family. Lucky to have enjoyed relatively good health. Lucky to have survived my younger years! But perhaps the luckiest part of my life has been to have found a career in an area so diverse and rewarding as commercial aviation. At times, I couldn’t believe my employer was paying me to do what I loved so much.

So there you have it: the origin of “Oh, Lucky Man!”