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My Books

I’ve been fortunate to write two books and co-author another. In addition, my stories appear in several periodicals.

Airways Classics – TWA 1925-2001

I wrote the text for the this Airways Magazine Classics issue, which features the history of TWA. A pictorial tribute to the airline, it contains more than 130 photos and illustrations. The magazine sold out quickly but may be available from time to time, on eBay.




Convair 880 & 990

This soft-cover book was first in the Great Airliners Series published by World Transport Press, in 1996. It was reprinted once and offered as a hard-bound edition in limited numbers (less than 200). The book sold out several years ago, but can be found in the used market, albeit at rather unrealistic prices. It can be ordered as an eBook from



Boeing 720

Published in hard-cover format, Volume Seven of the Great Airliners Series was again published by World Transport Press, in 2001. The book is also out of print but is fairly widely available at used book stores and on various websites and, for the most part, is more reasonably priced. It can be ordered as an eBook from



From Props to Jets – Commercial Aviation’s Transition to the Jet Age 1952-1962

Co-authoring this work, with my good friends Craig Kodera and Mike Machat, was a treat. We basically divided up the chapters and had fun researching and chronicling this exciting time in the airline business. Published in May 2010 by Specialty Press, the original book is sold out, but can be ordered at “elevated prices” from A black & white, softcover edition is available from a few sources, but not recommended.



Trans World Airlines – A Book of Memories • TWA Employees and Friends Tell the Story of an Iconic Company


I co-edited this book with Jeff Kriendler, a retired Pan Am employee. It is a compilation of more than 60 stories written by TWA employees and admirers of the company. Published in August 2016, it is available on line at: